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The challenges of our time are a spark for us to reconnect with wholeness.

Our Framework

Global Synapses exists to bridge meaning and practice without seperation. To achieve this, we have developed a three step framework that explores the situation (The Potential Zone); allows each system to reveal its essence as the source of its uniqueness (Auto Structuration); and then sets a course of practical goals to realise its natural potential (Aliveness).

The Potential Zone

The first stage is active observation. We work with our stakeholders to see between the cracks - allowing that which is yet to be expressed to come into being.

Auto Structuration

As the system reveals its deeper structure, our role is to facilitate the mapping of the system using methods derived from complexity theory.


As the system structures itself through human agency, it becomes increasingly static. The stakeholders must now maintain the dynamic nature of the system.

We Connect People...

…Who understand and care deeply for the root of our social disconnection and fragmented identity.

…Who are open imaginatively and creatively to bringing new ways of engaging with the world.

What is Wholeness?

Rather than thinking of the whole as being greater than the sum of the parts. At Global Synapses we understand wholeness to be the unique expression of the parts themselves.

What is Wholeness?

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