Wholeness refers to an energy that anticipates the fulfilling of different potentials as a unity together. One can think of how reading a book makes sense, as an energetic received meaning, of all the words, paragraphs and chapters of which the book materially consists.

There are many forms for articulating and exploring this:

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Wholeness describes the experience of meeting the universal in everyday affairs. It neither reduces to the parts, as an aspect of material reality, but nor does it get lost in the high ideals of a separated spirituality. Rather wholeness presents an archetypal universal potential, as this appears through the common materialisation of the world.

Wholeness appears at the junction of grace and attention. Often one is invited into its process by “seeing” what might have seemed a chaotic and complex situation from a surprising and “whole” perspective. We are moved by an intuition, telling the whole story as if in advance of the chances we have to live to make this unity real.

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