Dr. Arnold Mindell in his book Quantum Mind contrasts Consensus Reality with Non-Consensus Reality.
• Consensus Reality is something already seen and known, uncovered by experiments for instance, analysed, peer-reviewed and accepted as conventional wisdom
• Non-consensus Reality is a unique testing of whole reality at the regenerative heart from which a living dynamic can be primarily encountered and newly conceived.

In these times of rapid change, individuals, institutions and whole cultures are facing a cliff-edge where Consensus Reality is no longer adequate to hold the urgent global challenges. Global Synapses works with individual, group or collective dramas in new ways, by conceiving the regenerative heart of the living person, organisation or culture newly.

There are many forms for articulating and exploring this:

Process Oriented Facilitation developed by Arnold Mendell in mental health; Read more
• ​The Permaculture Framework of design through exploring and building fruitful connection; Read more
The WholeWorld-View giving modern form to the ancient relation to wholeness; Read more
•​ The Goethean methodology bridging the experience and the understanding of wholeness; Read more

These different methods and fields of inquiry come together in Global Synapses into a view of the archetypal practice of wholeness, beyond any one language or method.

Wholeness describes the experience of meeting the universal in everyday affairs. It neither reduces to the parts, as an aspect of material reality, but nor does it get lost in the high ideals of a separated spirituality. Rather wholeness presents an archetypal universal potential, as this appears through the common materialisation of the world.

Wholeness appears at the junction of grace and attention. Often one is invited into its process by “seeing” what might have seemed a chaotic and complex situation from a surprising and “whole” perspective. We are moved by an intuition, telling the whole story as if in advance of the chances we have to live to make this unity real.

Consensus Reality sees matter as meaning already formed. Non-consensus reality sees matter as a sign to a meaning that is yet to form, individually and collectively. A sign points through the material to allow the natural tendency for the whole to show its itself to multiple perspectives. For quantum theorist Pauli a dream of a world clock in 1934 transformed the study of the atom into a pointer to a whole meaning. We can listen to Leibniz, Goethe, Einstein, Pauli, Schrodinger, Dirac and Bortoft for a different rhythm in matter of the pointing towards wholeness. Complete the dance of wholeness by clicking in the frame of discovery below…

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